The Function of Resistors in Electrical Circuits

The resistors come under the passive electronic components that are extensively used in electronic circuits. Therefore, you need to understand that these are the best and crucial components that may be impossible to build an electronic circuit without. They perform a lot of uses but mainly, they oppose the flow of current through it.

It is critical to understand that in an electronic circuit, the resistors play a vital role to limit and offer only the needed biasing to the active regions or parts such as the ICs and transistors. However, in some incidences, you may find out that an electrical circuit may have more than one resistor.

Resistors can be used in series or parallel. When they are used in series, they are said to be a voltage dividing network. But when they are used on the side, they act as a current dividing network. Therefore, it is advisable to ensure that you have a professional electrician who can measure and decide whether to use these resistors in parallel or series. Thus, the following are the uses of resistors.

Voltage Divider

As mentioned above, resistors can be used either in series or parallel. But if they are of the same value, you will note that the voltage drop across is normal or equal. Also, they can serve as a voltage divider for those components that need to function at a lesser voltage.

Resistors for Heating

electronic resistorsSome resistors such as the FSC 5905 Resistors can convert energy into heat. In other words, they can make the best heating elements for electric stoves, heaters, toasters, and other similar electronic devices. Therefore, you can use these devices for heating, and this can help you to conserve a lot of energy.

Frequency and Timing

It is critical to realize that there is a variety of circuit designs that use a resistor that is connected to a capacitor to offer a timing source. However, the capacitor that holds the electric charge takes a certain amount of time to fill with the current, and the resistor plays a significant role by determining how fast the capacitor fills up.

User Control of Circuit Functions

It is crucial as an electrician to note that there are various types of resistors out there that are variable. In other words, they let you set their resistance by turning a knob or sliding a slider. Also, note that the different strength is used to change the amount of current that is flowing in a circuit.