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Benefits of Leasing Restaurant Equipment

Are you planning to open a new restaurant? You have to consider whether it is appropriate to lease some of the kitchen equipment. Although it does not make sense renting a dishwasher or a stove for your house kitchen, doing it for a restaurant makes a lot of sense.

restaurant equipmentWhen you want to outfit the new restaurant, you should take into account the different appliances you choose. Also, remember that they will experience wear and tear. Therefore, you should take into account the cost of maintenance and repairs. In most cases, you will find that it is better to lease the restaurant equipment as compared to purchasing it. The truth is that leasing can help you save a lot of money, particularly when starting a business. Besides, it offers more extended warranties than when you purchase the equipment outright. The following are some of the benefits of leasing kitchen equipment such as refrigerators.

Saves Money

Leasing huge restaurant equipment like the commercial grade refrigerator can help you save start-up cash. Thus, you can use the savings for other vital areas. If you need emergency refrigeration, rather than using a lot of money purchasing a new refrigerator, you can use that cash toward your first orders, marketing, or payroll.

No Cost for Maintenance

Whenever the kitchen equipment breaks, the leasing company takes charge of the repairs. Thus, you do not need to pay for repairs.


restaurant kitchen equipmentWhenever you lease restaurant equipment and the term of a lease is up, you can get new models if you decide to renew. You should note that not all restaurant items are available for lease. In fact, certain pieces are ideal for leasing due to their short lifespan, and it may not offer the value of money when you buy new. Some of these items include ice machines, refrigerators, coffeemakers, and coolers. Other items include cook uniforms, table linens, dishrags, and floor mats. Such items become dirty quickly in a busy restaurant. Thus, it is a good idea to outsource their maintenance.

When you lease the restaurant equipment, you do not own it. Also, you will have a monthly bill. You have to sign a contract. Ensure you review the agreement or even hire a lawyer to do it for you. If a restaurant closes before your lease is up, you will have to pay for the remaining payments until the end of the contract.