Why Bodybuliders Find the Use of YK11 Advantageous

With its ability to increase muscle mass more quickly, YK11 help in the burning of fats and calories, and it does not lead to retention of water in muscles. This makes a solid muscle build up without fats and water producing a sexier and more defined physique.

YK11 can be used by males and females, young or old. Although YK11 is said to be generally safe, it should not be taken in by pregnant and lactating mothers. Huge dosages can also cause some side effects like liver damage when taken in large dosages and gynecomastia, the abnormal enlargement of the breast in males.

Apart from quick muscle build-up and burning of body fats, YK11 can also contribute to bone health. It is also noted that it has anti-aging properties. To users, who are mostly bodybuilders; there are more advantages than just by increasing body muscle mass.


YK11 is not a banned substance which cannot be said of anabolic steroids and other selective androgen receptor modulators or SARM. This makes it more accessible to users.

Users can avail of YK11 in health food stores across the country, or they can be bought from online stores.

Faster Results

For sure, you will have more muscle mass faster when you do plain exercise even with the heaviest weights. It is believed that no matter how you exercise without synthetic substances like steroids or YK11, you will never have muscles as big as those taking YK11 or other substances.

Can Discontinue Anytime

When side effects are felt, you can discontinue anytime without the withdrawal symptoms. Users of steroids have a more difficult time because, although steroids do not cause euphoria, users may develop severe addiction and can suffer from withdrawal symptoms.

When using YK11 and side effects are felt, you may lessen the dosage or discontinue taking in the product.

Recommended Dosage

There are recommended dosages for YK11 to serve as a guide to users. Unlike steroids which remain to be prescription drugs and not allowed in professional and recreational sports, dosages usually depend on the users’ liking.

Side effects of YK11 are usually caused when there is an increase in the recommended dosage. strong man

Other Health Benefits

Aside from faster muscle build-up, there are other health benefits that can be derived from the responsible usage of YK11. Side effects can also be eliminated when you are a responsible user.