Bodyweight Exercises Worth Giving a Try

Calisthenics exercises are the perfect fit for anyone seeking a good workout. The exercises are available in multiple variations and require an individual’s body weight to serve as the load. Calisthenics training requires minimum space and is virtually free.

Nonetheless, the more consistent you become, the easier the routines will start to feel. You are free to include weights to increase resistance during training. Make sure that you master the basic movements before advancing to other variations or including weights.

Here is a list of some of the common calisthenics exercises you should try.


A pull-up is a strength training exercise that targets the upper body. However, the pull-up is an advanced exercise and is slightly difficult than doing a chin-up. Beginners can use bands to assist with the exercise, while professionals have several pull-up variations that will offer extra resistance.

The exercise helps strengthen the grip, arms, shoulders, and back muscles. Your overall fitness level and strength levels are also boosted. The variations allow athletes to target numerous muscle groups making it a suitable upper body workout.


Dips are another classic type of upper body workouts. The exercise helps you target the chest, shoulder, and triceps muscles. If you do not have a dip bar, you can improvise by using two chairs or stair rails. Dips are effective when training for strength and upper-body mass.


Many people do not fancy training their leg muscles. Lunges are some of the most gruesome exercises. The exercise helps build strong legs, stabilize the lower body, and workout the buttocks. Lunges are worth the pain since they help target several muscle groups in the lower body. The exercise can help lose weight faster as well as building a good body physique.

The exercise involves the flexor muscles helping in improving hip flexibility. Lunges do not have a significant effect on the spine like other workouts. Instead, the exercise helps the spine to become more flexible and pain-free.


Apart from lunges, squats also help with the training of the lower body. Squats offer dynamic strength training and involve both the upper and the lower body. This makes them a great full-body exercise. Including squats to your training routine, guarantees core strengthening, calorie-burning, and boosting athletic ability.

You should notice significant changes to your physique with a proper diet and workout routine in the first month or two. Nonetheless, it is essential to maintain discipline and consistency to maximize your gains.

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Advantages of Calisthenics Training

Calisthenics or bodyweight training is the go-to choice for many individuals looking to stay fit at home.Apart from fitness gains, there are several other advantages of calisthenics training, as shown below.


Gym membership is one of the most costly monthly bills for some people. If you want to take up exercise as a lifelong habit, you should consider building a home gym rather than paying the hefty membership fees at your local training center. Calisthenic types of equipment are more affordable, and this makes bodyweight training the most affordable choice.


Apart from affordability, it is important to have a sustainable habit. Calisthenics training is easy to maintain because the most important requirement is a person’s body weight. Also, you get to save money that you may have spent on gym membership charges, use it on your diet budget, and get more pieces of equipment.

Health Improvement

Exercising helps improve mental and physical health. Training your body regularly boosts your immune system and increases blood flow. With the brain getting adequate oxygen and blood supply, you maintain a healthy mental state as well as build a strong immune system.

Using Available Objects

Bodyweight training gives you a choice to utilize your body and other available materials that can enhance your training intensity. For instance, you can use a tree branch to serve as a pull-up bar. Adding elevation to your pushups will help you mimic the movements performed on an incline or decline bench press.

If you get to a point where the exercises have less impact, consider including weights. You can do this by carrying weighted backpacks or wearing a weighted vest.

Suitable for Everybody

Bodyweight workouts can serve all ages and genders effectively. Because one depends on the weight of their body, it is easy to avoid injuries than when using weights in the gym. Calisthenics training can be done by children who are as young as five years old and can continue their lives as some athletes are proving.

When training discipline and consistency are the main factors that will help you achieve your goal, maintain a strict diet, and have a consistent training routine. Nonetheless, always remember to give your body enough rest to help with the bodybuilding process.